About Faculty

Due to the fact that most of the courses in Art are presented in workshop styles and several handicraft workshops such as pottery and ceramic, glazing, metal fabrication, wood, glass, natural dyeing, batik, and various up-to-date laboratories in the field of carpet including color and dyeing laboratories, fiber physics, and quality control are among the facilities and laboratories of the faculty. Graduates of this fields, with the experiences gained during 4 years of studying, will be able to create independent workshops with minimum requirements and take part in the native Iranian handicrafts. On the other hand, with laboratory and workshop capacities, the possibility of providing educational and research services and also consulting services in various fields of architecture, urban planning, carpet, handicrafts, pottery, glazing, and archeological has created an artistic and historic city.


Head of the Faculty

Dr. Ahmad Akbari
Tel: ( 98)3155913130
Fax: ( 98)3155913132
Email: akbari@kashanu.ac.ir
Website: http://akbaria.kashanu.ac.ir


Deputy of Education

Dr. Reza Noori Shadmehani
Tel: ( 98)3155913150
Fax: ( 98)3155913150
Email: nourishad.r@gmail.com
Website: http://noori.kashanu.ac.ir


Deputy of Research

Dr. Javad Divandari
Tel: ( 98)3155913149
Fax: ( 98)3155913149
Email: j.divandari@gmail.com
Website: http://jdivandari.kashanu.ac.ir