Facilities, Capabilities, Potentials, and Features of this department:

  1. pottery, metal, wood, carpets and rugs, glass cutting, silkscreen printing, dyeing, batik printing, volumizing, mosaic and restoration of work workshops are workshop facilities of this field.
  2. Document Center and Handicrafts Permanent Exhibition Center: this center is a collection of students’ thesis on Iranian handicrafts and a place for preservation of the best works of the students which are created and built in the existing workshops.
  3. Important faculty members with global rankings are one of the honors of the group.
  4. Well-equipped workshops compared to other universities is one other distinguishing factor in Department of Handicrafts.

Graduates of Handicrafts majors, with the gained experience and expertise in 4 years, can establish independent workshops with minimum facilities and expenses and take part in the production of native Iranian handicrafts. Good revenue and market are among the important characteristics of this field for its graduates. At present, about 60% of the graduates are active in the free market of handicrafts starting with small budgets.