Carpet Design, Dyeing, and Management

The Department of Carpet of University of Kashan has a distinctive status in terms of educational facilities among other universities. All necessary facilities to perform educational and research are provided for students and professors. Different carpet and kilim weaving and repairing workshops along with chemical and dyeing laboratories with sufficient facilities, fiber science laboratories, fiber physical features laboratories, and carpet quality control laboratories with the latest equipment, internet accesses for certain educational and research activities are provided for students and professors.

While meeting the educational needs of students, the department is also able to meet the needs of trade and research centers related to handmade and machinery made carpets.

The library of faculty of Architecture and Art is one of the few authentic and rich libraries in the fields of carpet. Almost all of the books related to carpet and its related fields, national and international journals are available in Persian and English to the students.

A large number of research projects has been conducted by faculty members of the department and some of them have been published as articles in journals. The following are some of thesis papers:

  • Analysis of current status of Carpet in Kashan and the causes of its recession and identifying strategies to improve it
  • Analysis of current status of mats in terms of design and color in region of Kashan
  • A geographical study of carpets in Isfahan province
  • Analysis of Silk industry in Kashan
  • Analysis of carpet design methods in Kashan
  • A comparative analysis of the existing motifs on historical buildings of Qajar era and Kashan Carpet
  • Analysis of mythical and abstract motifs in Heriz carpet
  • Naturalism and Aesthetics of Persian carpet published in Quarterly Journal of Scientific-research of Goljaam
  • Symbolism and its effect on Persian Carpet published in Quarterly Journal of Scientific-research of Goljaam
  • Wastewater treatment of handmade carpet dyeing using nanomembranes published in Quarterly Journal of Scientific-research of Goljaam
  • Wastewater treatment of Textile colored water by electrochemical methods published in scientific-research journal of Amirkabir University of Technology
  • An introduction to Silk – Morsal Publication
  • Compilation and publication of book: Flower in Kashan Carpet – Publication of University of Kashan – 2013
  • Research project: Child Room Carpet - 2014
  • Research project: Element of Flower in Kashan Carpet - 2013

Acquiring necessary skills for employment and business in market and technical skills in design and decoration of carpet – miniature – carpet and kilim weaving, traditional and chemical dyeing, repairing carpet are among the features of graduates of department of carpet. Providing services and collaborating with handmade and machine-made carpet centers in various fields of design, dyeing, management of carpet weaving factories and workshops, and training in specialized carpet designing software like Bouria and Naghsh Saz are among the capabilities of the graduates. 

In addition to the educational and research activities conducted by the faculty members of the department, the following activities are conducted with the assistance and the efforts of the faculty members.

  1. Establishment and Launch of Carpet Research Center of University of Kashan
  2. Establishment and Launch of Iran Carpet Scientific Association
  3. Establishment and Launch of University and Carpet Industry Coordination Center under the supervision of Vice-presidency of Science Technology
  4. Efforts in establishment of Kashan Carpet Musuem
  5. Active participation in international carpet exhibitions in different years
  6. Co-operation and consultation with state and private institutions active in the field of carpet, such as the Handmade and Machine-made Kashan Carpet chamber of Commerce by holding training classes and workshops
  7. Reviewing and modifying the undergraduates schedule for carpet department
  8. Editing the schedule of graduate students for carpet department
  9. Application for establishment and launch of Traditional Woven Strings in graduates’ degree